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Quinti paused mid-step, her cheeks warming up slightly again at the compliment. She turned around to look at him, embarrassment and denial making her voice go up a pitch without her even realizing it.

"That’s silly, Vextus. I mean, it’s nice of you to say, but I uh… I’m not adorable."

The statement was followed by a small, nervous laugh, Quinti’s hand going to the back of her head and rubbing it in a flustered manner. She wasn’t exactly great with compliments, her default response being to deny them and try to change the subject.

Seeing an opportunity to do the latter after observing him take interest in another toy, she peered over at him and questioned, “Um… What do you have there?”

Vextus smiled and held up what looked to be a “grow your own sea creature” toy, a box which was brightly colored and had overly large letters on it to obviously portray how “awesome” it was
~~~~just this…i think someone mmm misplaced it?~~~~
He shrugged lightly as he red the back of the box, the front still facing her, and hiding the small smile on his face.

~~~~also you kinda sorta are~ ~~~
He mused aloud, his tone somewhat low as he countered her declination of adorableness. He honestly couldnt help it, the act of denying a compliment only served to make him want to prove it that much more. Well that and the fact he could use the phrase “the butterflies made me do it” in an attempt to hide his flustered feelings

"Oh, heh. I see. That seems kind of fun."

Quinti couldn’t help but be sheepish in situations like this. Her blush continued to stay firmly in place, held there by his insistence as to the truth of his statement. She quickly searched for something with which to distract herself, mulling over the stuffed animals before pausing. The most perfect little fox with soft, white fur and black button eyes was staring back at her. She forgot her embarrassment for a moment and went to gently pick it up, running a hand over its head and rubbing a velvet-lined ear in between her thumb and forefinger. The resemblance to her lusus was uncanny.

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10. A date

Flaire took a deep breath to calm himself and force down his blush as he locked eyes with his moirail. “Quinti…doyouwannagooutonapaledatewithme?”

Quinti’s eyes widened slightly as the flames spiked up on his shoulders, moving quickly to shush him and pap his cheek in order to calm him down. She knew how he could get concerning her, but she could handle herself.

"His name is Vextus," she murmured, uncertainty as to how he would react still influencing her actions. "I ran into him in the woods when I had gotten a bit lost and he pointed me in the right direction, but when it came time to leave, I found I was enjoying his company, so we went into town together. You should see what he can do with flowers… It’s really beautiful."

Flaire calmed down a bit more when she helped him do so, instead listening to her speak with patience instead of letting his emotions burst out. The way she spoke about him still caused his protectiveness to spike but he did not show it outwardly.

"I…see. Well if he made that much of an impression on you then I suppose I should meet this Vextus sometime soon." His initial thoughts were to show this troll exactly what fire could do to these flowers she spoke about, but Flaire knew he was not so cruel as to do that. Not to his moirail. Though he would give him quite the warning about what the consequences would be for any harm that he brought upon his moirail.

"O-oh, yeah! Of course! I’d be happy to introduce the two of you!"

Quinti’s face grew slightly pensive over this hypothetical scenario before she turned to Flaire with a stern expression, waggling her finger at him.

"But no scaring him off! I know you have a tendency to be a bit… intense, but you have to try your hardest to be nice!"

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1, 11, 12, and 13

1. Recite a poem.


(Here’s a link to the poem: http://emilyspoetryblog.com/2013/03/11/le-dormeur-du-val-by-arthur-rimbaud/)


11. What did you have to eat today?



12. Talk about something that really scares you.



13. Talk about something that makes you happy.


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2. Read the first page to one of your favorite books